Brent PourciauMy name is Brent Pourciau. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am a retired professional baseball player. In the past decade I have transitioned from a player into a coach. I have developed one of the top pitching velocity programs on the web (www.TopVelocity.net) and I am currently a pitching/strength and conditioning coach for many high school, college and professional pitchers. I am also an advisor to some top level NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA organizations. I have dedicated my life to coaching, training, educating and motivating young athletes.

My favorite hobby in life is serving the public. I really enjoy helping people live healthy lives. I am not a Doctor but would like to share with the public what I have researched and learned over the years and continue to learn everyday.

This is my personal website which I have dedicated to serving people like you. I fund this website and my research working as a representative to a wellness brand which you will discover reading some of my articles. This company is as passionate about serving the public and bringing wellness into their lives as I am. This is why I chose to spend my time working with them to help them establish their brand. To learn more about this company and to receive tons of free information on health, subscribe to my mailing list. I promise you I will only email you to bring you helpful and incredibly valuable information which will support your new healthy lifestyle.

You can contact me anytime my email, text or phone.


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