Metabolic Syndrome Diagnoses/Diet That Will Save Your Life

Metabolic SyndromeI put this article together to help you diagnose and start your new diet to prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome and hopefully save your life!

Diet is really not the best word to use here because it takes more of a lifetsyle change than a diet to prevent this life threatening disorder. I am going to also recommend an amazing new product that was developed to support you through this lifestyle change and your new diet.

If you have dysglycemia, high blood pressure, elevated triglyceride levels, low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, and or obesity then you could be candidate for Metabolic Syndrome. This syndrome effects more than 90 Million Americans which is about 1 in 3 adults. Metabolic syndrome is a name for a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

The simplest understanding of Metabolic Syndrome is it is the results of a toxic combination of high sugar, high carbohydrate diets, in a combination with a lack of physical activity. The average intake of sugar for the American is up to 1lb every 2 days.

Here is a full list of risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors

  • Obesity or carrying extra weight around the belly and upper body.
  • Elevated blood sugar levels in the body. Insulin resistance may be the cause of not supporting the bodies regulation of blood sugar.
  • Aging.
  • Genetically predisposed to high levels of blood sugar and obesity.
  • Noticeable hormone changes in the body.
  • The lack of exercises or physical activity daily.
  • Blood clotting to the excess.
  • Increased levels of blood substances that are a sign of inflammation throughout the body

If you have not had a blood panel taken and you do not know your levels of health then here are some basic symptoms that may be the signs of Metabolic Syndrome.

Signs of Metabolic Syndrome

  • A sense of fatigue especially after meals.
  • Cravings for sugar or high-carb foods.
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Difficulty focusing

I would highly advise against ignoring these signs. The first step in reducing your risk of Metabolic Syndrome is making a lifestyle change. Before we go into the lifestyle change necessary to eliminate this threat here is a detailed chart to a self diagnoses of Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome Self Diagnoses

Metabolic Syndrome Risk Level
My Number
Am I at Risk
Over 35 inches Female
Over 49 inches Males


Yes | No
150+ mg/dl
Yes | No
HDL Cholesterol
Less than 50 mg/dl Female
Less than 40 mg/dl Male
Yes | No
Blood Pressure
130/80+ mmHg
Yes | No
Blood Sugar*
100+ mg/dl
This risk factor alone means
you’re prediabetic.
Yes | No

While even one risk factor can be problematic, having 3 or more qualifies you as having metabolic syndrome. This more than doubles your chances of developing heart disease. It also makes you 5 times more likely to develop diabetes.

Now that you have a better understanding of Metabolic Syndrome lets get into this dreaded lifestyle change I have been talking about.

Metabolic Syndrome Lifestyle Change

To survive this life threaten syndrome it takes a lifestyle change. You can just try a new diet but we all know that diets come and go, but lifestyle changes can last forever. The most effective way to make this change occur is through education. The old saying, “What you don’t know wont kill you,” is wrong. At the end of your life what you failed to discover is exactly what kills you. We have all heard the term the silent killer. This terminology is most used with cardiovascular diseases.

Of course, we are all going to die and I The Wellness Ambassador could drop dead while writing this article but that shouldn’t be the reason for not doing your homework or making this lifestyle change. Isn’t this what every smoker says when someone tries to make the point that cigarettes kill? They always say, “well, we are all going to die someday!” Yeah but the real concern is when. When do you want to die; 40,50,60,70 years old? That is the question you should be asking yourself and whatever your answer is then ask yourself, “Will my lifestyle keep me alive this long?” If the answer is no and you believe you are the poster person for the Metabolic Syndrome then it is time to make a lifestyle change.

I told you that the best way to make a change, that is going to last, is with education. You really need to learn this stuff or it isn’t going to stick. It is like planting a seed. We need to continue to groom it so it grows. Hopefully this article planted the seed and now here are some tips to help you groom the seed.

  • Read an article everyday on good health.
  • Eat a raw vegetable and fruit everyday.
  • Do some type of exercises everyday that makes you push yourself.
  • Start your day organizing your time better.
  • Start cooking with fresh ingredients and stop using processed or boxed foods.
  • Take a vitamin that is worth taking. (I have some great recommendations for you! Contact me!)
  • Start a routine everyday of some healthy habits and stick to it. (The smaller the routine the better, to prevent burnout.)

Just remember the more you learn the more your seed will grow. Just doing the routine isn’t enough. Learning why you do these routines is better.

The Best Diet for Metabolic Syndrome

Here is a sample meal plan covering 1 day.


  • Almond milk
  • Oatmeal (low sugar)
  • Add nuts and grains
  • Banana
  • Water


  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Almond butter
  • Water


  • Turkey sandwich with spinach, tomato, spouts on Ezekiel bread.
  • Salad (Lemon, Olive Oil Dressing)
  • Water


  • Raw vegetables and fruits
  • Almonds


  • Chicken and brown rice
  • Salad (Lemon, Olive Oil Dressing)
  • Water

GC Control the Cure to Metabolic Syndrome

GC Control The meal plan listed above shouldn’t be that bad but if it is a major change from your current diet then this is going to be a problem. I believe if something is going to stick it has to be a gradual change over time. It can’t be a “WAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAM!” change. So, here is a highly recommended support supplement for those who are suffering from Metabolic Syndrome and it has the clinical trials to support it. It is called GC Control and it is a shake that can be substituted for the snacks in your meal plan or anytime your hunger takes you over! This supplement is a life saver because it is almost a guarantee that you will make that lifestyle change needed to save your life and take you to those golden years.

Check out this video to learn more about the supplement and the clinical trials.

I use this product everyday and it is amazing how effective it is in regulating blood sugar and reducing hunger, especially late at night. I am hypoglycemic so I speak as someone who really needs something like GC Control to make me feel normal everyday. I love this product so much that I now am a representative for it. Yes, I make some compensation referring it but I promise you that I would have never put my name on it if it didn’t make sense to me personally.

If you are interested in learning more, I would ask you to send me your email by subscribing at the top right or call me and I will give you a full presentation on its benefits, how it will change your life and how to actually get the product. I will also show you more ways to support your new healthy lifestyle. So don’t worry about bugging me, I want to help and I would love to hear from you. Please contact me NOW for more information!

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